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Wedding Poems and Verses for Weddding Candles and Unity Candles . Wedding Poem Taper Set Gift Box Bridal Shower Gifts

Our trademark Numbered Countdown Birthday Candles celebrate a child's birthdays year by year. We specialize in Custom Personalized Wedding Candles with your choice of hundreds of combinations of motifs, verses and colors.

I include the legend of the bayberry candle poem. I tie a primitive fabric bow around them for a country Christmas touch.  I can tell by the color of the candle and the appearance of the wax, that it is not genuine bayberry wax.

Order your candle lighting poems here for a bar/bat mitzvah.  Wedding Speeches. Maid of Honor Speech. Bar Mitzvah Speech.

Recognition Awards, Name Plates, Clocks, Wedding Gifts and Other Occasion Gifts. Glass Etching Fever.  Click the button below to add the CHP-CARVED HEART POEM UNITY CANDLE WITH COLOR to your wish list.

Heart Poem Unity Candle as well as other fine wedding accessories and supplies from Exceptional selection. Great prices.

The ‘Candle Poem’ reads. A basket filled with candles that come in a pair, of all different colors for the two of you to share. The white ones burn first; wrapped in ribbons of white. to celebrate your love on your wedding night.

Immediately after the wedding ceremony is complete the bride and groom each carry their candle to one particular bigge runity  You can find distinct themes, color and varieties of fun and whimsical designs from which you’ll be able to select the...

Below is a collection of Poems & Verses that we have compiled for use on Wedding Candles, Unity Candles, Wedding Gift Candle, Wedding Favor Candles & Wedding  Modify them as you would like. NOTE: The Poem/Verse number is above the poem/verse.

A basket of candles that come in a pair, of all different colors, for you two to share. The white ones burn first, they are wrapped...

Here are the words to the popular Candle Poem: A basket of candles that come in a pair. In all different colors, for you two to share. The white ones burn first; they are wrapped in white lace.

Does anyone know the poem (note) about wedding candles? I have seen this idea about giving candles as a gift. Each different color candle is to be lit at a a different occasion.

We should have a high quality Candle Poem Wedding on our website. Be sure to tell your friends that you found your new Candle Poem Wedding at We pride ourselves on carrying high quality merchandise.

Made with your choice of colors. Features a verse, your names and wedding date, a photo, an illustration, or your invitation above a carved heart!  "As You Wish" Custom Made Ribbon Poem Candle. Kat's Candle Co. is PROUD to offer the first 100...

A 12" version of Doves, Castle ,Wedding Bells ,this one includes a poem. 10" First Lady Candle with Poem, a very popular choice for many years. A 12" Majestic set with Mother's candles pick you colors and poem to go in this.

A hand poured richly scented Wedding Ceremony Poem Candle of a select combination of botanical herbs and their precious essential oils, created to bless  Color: White with delicate Lavender Herb on the top. Candles are 2" x 7.5" Pillar. Approx.

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A wedding basket containing candles and a poem reflects a truly heartfelt effort to celebrate a couple's commitment to marriage.  Opt for red candles for Valentine's Day weddings. candle image by Sandra Henderson from

Silver - although the bridal shower candle poem doesn't mention this color directly, silver symbolizes twenty-five years of marriage. Apart from the color of the candles, you have creative freedom over what they will look like.

In this tradition, the taper candles are lit by representatives from each family to symbolize the love and allegiance that each family has for either the bride or the groom.  Product Reviews for This Day Poem Premier Wedding Unity Candle Set.

There is a very popular bridal shower gift or wedding gift called the wedding poem candle set. The poem requires specific colored taper candles to be used at different landmark events in the married couples life.

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